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There is no comparison of milk for body nutrition. Nonetheless, if the incorrect food is consumed with that nutrition, it can be counterproductive. Many individuals eat chocolate, milk, or fruit blended with milk. Yet Ayurvedic treatment has actually offered some suggestions on just how healthy those foods are.

As an example,

milk and eggs: Milk is just one of the high protein drinks. It is also a source of several vital minerals including Vitamin C, Calcium, Magnesium. Yet according to Ayurvedic medication, it is wrong to eat eggs and milk with each other. Playing two foods with each other triggers gastrointestinal problems. On top of that, eating any type of televaja food with milk has a major effect on the body.

Bananas and cherries: Bananas and cherries should never be combined with milk. After that gastrointestinal troubles boost.

Milk as well as tokadai: Milk-tokadai is not digested when eaten with each other. Additionally, never ever consume any warm food with Tokai. Yogurt keeps the body cool. Even consuming yogurt with parota national food is hazardous to the body.

Milk and lemon: After eating milk, do not fail to remember to eat anything sour like a lemon. This increases the opportunities for acidity, which also creates stomach problems.

Milk and yeast foods: Constantly try to eat milk fresh. If you want, you can mix molasses with milk, however, do not blend it with milk even if you wrongly eat yeast (a food ingredient made with flour, curd, sugar powder).


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