Benefiting from the truth that on Monday, November 25, 2019 the day in opposition to gender violence will probably be celebrated, it is very important keep in mind what gender violence is and particularly learn how to forestall gender violence.

Gender violence is:

Any violent act or aggression, based mostly on a state of affairs of inequality inside the framework of a system of relations of domination of males over girls that has or could have as a consequence bodily, sexual or psychological hurt, together with threats of such acts and coercion or arbitrary deprivation of liberty, whether or not it happens within the public sphere or in household or private life.

For the reason that 2004 Regulation, schooling has elevated, the means to fight it have elevated … nevertheless it have to be remembered {that a} state pact has not but been utilized, that greater than a thousand girls have died since there’s a registry and solely this 12 months they’ve already died 51 girls.

Learn how to forestall gender violence:

FIRST.- Educating girls and boys, from the earliest ages, in a tradition targeted on the peaceable decision of conflicts, fostering empathy and growing a balanced shallowness, are rules that favor the disappearance of gender prejudices that happen already from faculty.

SECOND.- Get rid of to the utmost the stereotypes transmitted by the patriarchal tradition; due to this fact, instructing to ‘be an individual’ as a substitute of instructing to ‘be a person’ or ‘to be a lady’ and thus banish myths resembling that aggressiveness is a masculine trait, or quite the opposite, submission, silence, obedience … They’re female traits, they’re goals of coeducation.

THIRD.- Keep away from all contempt in the direction of these boys or males who don’t adapt to the dominant masculinity mannequin and keep away from all contempt in the direction of these ladies or girls who don’t conform to the dominant femininity mannequin.

FOURTH.- Educate boys and males to include into their lives the experiences and expression of their very own emotions and feelings that enrich their private relationships and thus favor the decision of conflicts with out resorting to violent conduct, by means of dialogue, settlement , the negotiation…

FIFTH.- Develop a great shallowness that allows ladies and boys to undertake a resolute angle in the direction of the approaching and its challenges, assume duties and confidently face issues.

The struggle in opposition to gender violence is a struggle for EVERYONE.



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