Insults have at all times been reportable, however with the emergence of social networks, inquiries about if it’s a crime to insult, and the way to report it.

There’s a lot written about stalking, hate crime or sexting, however maybe insult is the crime that has unfold quicker on social media.

Essentially two circumstances produce extra insults:

The supposed anonymity. Error; the perpetrator of the crime might be recognized with a easy mail from the police to the social community or to the e-mail supplier, since they will present the info in regards to the IP, the precise port and many others … as well as, haters are normally individuals who have a tendency to depart previously hint with pictures, feedback and many others …

Reinforcement of concepts and opinions that happens in social networks and that excessive positions; Most of us want to seek out equals who reinforce our concepts and in social networks there are at all times equals who applaud insults and radicalize positions ..

Right now most social media customers help postures radicals, and customary sense and simply measure disappear; For that reason, there begins to be a larger curiosity in philosophy, as a result of in philosophy questions are deepened, opinions are listened to and revered.

As soon as we have now highlighted the good improve within the fee of this crime and identified a few of its causes, we should outline precisely WHAT IS CONSIDERED AN INSULT.

An insult is solely the motion or remark that with the intent to hurt by inflicting offense or humiliation.

Within the Penal Code there isn’t a particular offense of insults, the reason for the insult might be charged for committing the offense of insults.

The offense of damage supposes an motion or expression that damages the dignity of one other individual, undermining their fame or undermining their very own esteem.

The felony code aggravates the crime when it has been performed with promoting, and networks are a method of promoting.

This proper collides with the appropriate to freedom of expression and when weighing each rights it’s essential to differentiate between easy criticism and insult.

Due to this fact, we should differentiate between the easy troll, which is unconscious that it’s bored and has no finish, with the hater O cyberbully that he’s a repeat offender and has an finish.

The 2 components that the decide will consider to qualify the insult as a easy criticism or an insult are:

The existence of a disqualification.

The tip to offend.

3º A 3rd factor that may be valued is recidivism. Recidivism might be understood as an motion carried out 3 times.

Due to this fact, so as to endure felony penalties, it isn’t essential to impute a false crime to a different (which might be the crime of slander, article 205) or to threaten one other (crime of threats, article 169 ss), the easy insult might be prosecuted and might produce felony penalties.

For the success of the criticism it’s vital to assemble proof. Aside from display captures, witnesses, and many others., if a request is to be made compensation you will need to present medical certificates that replicate the bodily and psychological damages produced by the insults.


The insult is partly decided by the social and cultural actuality of a rustic, due to this fact the inaction or motion of the insulted immediately influences the appliance of the crime.

What do I imply, if nobody denounces as a result of “I am not going to get something”, “he is a child”, “it does not matter, I am going to shut the account” … this sort of conduct goes to be accepted, shielded by freedom of expression.

We all know that it isn’t straightforward, a large like Twitter this week that throughout the state of alarm declared within the USA, Twitter tried to manage the forwarding of messages to keep away from hoaxes like that of India in regards to the theft of minors, and as an alternative of applauding the motion, many individuals have left Twitter to open a Telegram account.

However though it isn’t straightforward, when you endure insults or threats we advocate you discover a lawyer and likewise search data and seek the advice of on platforms What stophaters , we should cease this social scourge that isn’t freedom of expression.


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