Assaults in opposition to the independence of the judiciary, the cornerstone of the rule of regulation, have gotten a recurring phenomenon inside the European Union. The chief energy in sure member states has been interfering for a while within the regular functioning of the work carried out by judges, prosecutors and magistrates, which undoubtedly reduces the standard of democracy. Poland or Hungary represent the paradigm of this pernicious tendency that, then again, tries to be emulated by political formations not solely situated exterior the parliament’s partitions.

Likewise, one other fixed that has as its epicenter Spain and the Catalan nationalism as the primary actor in an unprecedented assault on constitutional legality. With this modus operandi, secessionism pursues a bigger goal: to denigrate the picture of our nation internationally and to undertaking a portrait of itself as a peaceable, democratic and tolerant motion. Discrediting, as a synonym of underlining its falsehood, this self-definition filled with pomp and pageantry was the target pursued with the preparation of the Report on judicial independence in Spain.

On this regard, within the aforementioned doc, the reader will discover an exhaustive and scrupulous evaluation of the true nature and motivations of Catalan separatism, whose leaders have practiced militant activism by means of two complementary instruments. On the one hand, a use of public establishments of presidency to undermine the independence of the judiciary in Spain, which has resulted in a scientific non-compliance with court docket rulings. However, by means of intentionally ambiguous language has fueled harassment actions in opposition to representatives of the judiciary, with out forgetting that it inspired the holding of demonstrations presided over by violence in opposition to the ruling of the course of.

In a extra specific approach, the report emphasizes the escraches suffered by Choose Pablo Llarena, within the marketing campaign to discredit his skilled profession of which Choose Ramírez Sunyer was a sufferer (notably after his loss of life) or the false Hyperlinks drawn between the household of Ana Magaldi (Chief Prosecutor of the Barcelona Provincial Prosecutor’s Workplace) and Mussolini fascism. On account of this concatenation of information, It shouldn’t be shocking that Catalonia is the Spanish autonomous group from which probably the most judges and prosecutors ask to be transferred.

However, has Catalan nationalism been solely on this campaign in opposition to judicial independence? The reply isn’t any. Certainly, it has had the disinterested assist of different supporting actors, such because the nationalist left, one in every of whose distinctive options has at all times been to disclaim the characterization of Spain as a democracy similar to these of Western Europe, whereas justifying the existence of Eta . Likewise, the newly minted left-wing populism has additionally performed a distinguished position by means of a calculated equidistance, based mostly on which it has defended the “proper to resolve”, omitting that such a phrase is nothing greater than a lexical subterfuge whose actual translation was and it’s the proper of self-determination.


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