What’s constitutional regulation?

Constitutional regulation is chargeable for regulating the elemental legal guidelines of the State contained within the Structure. The aim of Constitutional Legislation is to check the regulation of public powers, coping with the connection between the our bodies that regulate mentioned powers and between them and the residents. Likewise, constitutional regulation theoretically research human rights, energy, the Magna Carta and the State.

Constitutional regulation belongs to public regulation, since its spine is the Magna Carta, the supreme rule that prevails over all others. In it, the institutional group of society is established, which grants it its coercive capability to have the ability to implement the regulation and the authorized order that’s legitimately included within the Structure with “violence”.

What’s the Structure?

The structure is the authorized and political textual content on which the order of political energy relies. This norm, which is imposed on the remainder of the State rules, is a inflexible letter whose modification have to be subjected to an in depth examination and strict situations which are included in it. Thus, its stability, making its modification distinctive, makes the Magna Carta extra stable because the supreme norm.

The Structure has three elements: a preamble, a dogmatic and an natural. In dogmatics the elemental rights of residents are established and in natural the group of the powers which are constituted by it. The preamble establishes the declaration of respect for democratic values, human rights and a set of aims in accordance with the rule of regulation enshrined on this textual content.

Particularly, in Spain the Structure is articulated in accordance with mentioned construction, particularly, establishing in its dogmatic half the elemental rights, the constitutional ideas and the ensures by which the socio-economic ideas of our society are made efficient. That’s to say, it’s in these the place our nation is outlined as a democratic State of Legislation with equality, freedom and pluralism wherein the group of the State is outlined as that of a social welfare state. Within the natural half, the separation between the manager, legislative and judicial powers is formally carried out.


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